New Mediterranean Wear.


There is nothing ordinary about the Mediterranean. The casual is often bold, the practical has a sharp embellished character, ancient traditions are weaved with graffiti, faith meets rebellion, and the beach is both a landscape and an attitude. This is the place for Holyland Civilians.

A fashion brand founded in 2017 by Anat Meshulam and Dor Chen, Holyland Civilians evokes a spirit that cannot be constructed anywhere else—historic and divine landscapes and entities, the waves of the deep sea, the feeling of a city ruled by the night, and the very spot where West and East fuse.

Made of natural fabrics and employing methods rooted in local craftsmanship and the utilitarian garment industry, the clothes remain faithful to Middle Eastern directness: easy to wear, easy to spot. The design philosophy mixes different concepts of self-expression and freedom, ranging from oversized, symbol-infused tees to sweatsuit ensembles, to raw utility and denim wear. The items are cut and sewn with careful consideration, resulting in precisesilhouettes.

While distinct, Holyland Civilians' essence is welcoming, promoting the blending and connection of cultures, genders, and scenes. It's about participation, involvement, and fulfilling the purpose implied by its name.