HOLYLAND CIVILIANS offers seasonal collections which reflect its unique urban vibe and holy surroundings – workwear is infused with resort-wear; Religious symbols of all beliefs are combined with youth culture styles and unique landscapes are translated into fashionable statements.

The result is strong, fashionable, but always wearable garments. The design approach reflects a local inspiration. The attitude is international and suitable for people living in this multicultural world. The brand’s message is the dissemination of the idea of inclusivity & love in all forms, for all people, as we are all equally holy.

All of the garments at Holyland are produced at the highest quality standards, with the utmost attention to detail – from stitching, prints, and washes, through to labeling and packaging. 









During the last few years, we have sourced only the finest materials and constantly searched for the best factories to produce our garments in premium quality. We ensure our Jersey t-shirts don’t twist after washing, and our Terry sweatsuits won’t peel. Our clothes are designed & made to last, so one day your children will enjoy them. 




During the design process, we look for the perfect balance between effortless and stylish.

Our garments are made from exceptionally soft fabrics in loose but flattering cuts that will make the clothes look and feel easygoing, with pieces bound to be an instant classic in your wardrobe. 




First and foremost, Holyland is a celebration of identity & heritage that extends beyond cultural borders and barriers, made to make you feel seen.

Yet we are always, in our hearts, promoting a singular message - one of inclusivity, peace, and loving awareness that we are all holy. 




Holyland is a cult. Some will say it’s addictive. 

"Holyland" is about the story, and "Civilians" is about the people. 

Without a solid and loyal community, we wouldn’t exist. We believe a happy customer is a returning customer, and we invite you to contact us for any needs or questions - we promise to make you pleased!





We’re a family-owned brand, designing our dreams from a Kibbutz in the north of Israel. After obtaining our BA in Fashion Design and having worked abroad for international brands, we came to realize that we wanted to do something meaningful for ourselves. To do that, we knew we needed to create from within our identity and our roots — the roots of the Holyland. So, we went back to our homeland to design with the materials and culture from which this land was built.


We are inspired by all the different religions and cultures of this land, driven by the ancient energy of this place and its people - by their stories and myths, translating and mixing them to create our garments.